What programs do I all get? And what are they used for?

Here’s all the programs you’ll get with my system (BOOT&GO or a complete laptop):

  • Windows10 (with license key) and all updates.
  • V1DA 2014D (covers 1999-2015.5 V0lv0’s… does everything but update software on the car)
  • DICE drivers
  • EWD 2014D (the 2nd disc to V1DA, and harder to find. It’s the wiring diagrams.)
  • Vol-FCR 1.3 and 1.7 (for 1995-1998 V0lv0’s, and it uses a different cable… I just add this program as a bonus.
  • V1DA 2015 (the current one, pay $75 for 3 days of access. This is how you’d update software. Which is an extra fee, from V0lv0.)
  • VDash 2.0 (good for all V0lv0’s but usually used by those who have 2016+, or who need to add or modify V0lv0 software and want to do it cheaper than through V1DA 2015.)
  • HaynesPro (think all Haynes service manuals, all in one database)
  • Autocom Delphi 2016 (basic diagnostics for almost every make and model. Including 85% of European makes)…. this is just another bonus program.
  • MS office 2019

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