Can I do programming on my car?

Yes, and no.

V1DA 2014D…. no you cannot. You can do everything EXCEPT update software on the car. Don’t confuse this though, you can do a lot. Any calibration, setting adjustment, reset of this or that, or maybe run a fuel pump test, sweep the gauges, test the voltage at just about every electronic connection on the car…. it’ll do.

V1DA 2015…. yes you can program with this. But it’s not free. You pay $75 to V0lv0, for 3 days of access (no way around it), and at this point you can do everything that V1DA 2014D can IN ADDITION to programming software to the car. Which is another fee (V0lv0 charges per software module.) V0lv0 provides tech support for this system. Their website has more info.

Additionally…. note that V1DA 2015 will require a firmware update on your DICE unit if you want to use a Chinese clone DICE on V1DA 2015. This firmware update is around $23 and is available through VDash.

VDash (…. yes you can program. And this is also not free, but it’s much cheaper than V1DA 2015. It’s amazing what VDash can do. This is popular all around the world (because V1DA 2015 is much more difficult to use outside of N.America), and they have active tech support through their website. You can purchase a PRO account (around $500/year) and REALLY get unlimited support and lots of other access. Or you can pay as you go. Paying small fees for whatever tasks you’d like to do. VDash is free to register a Lite account (through the installed program) and see what options they have for you.

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