What about tech support?

We provide unlimited tech support to our customers. Usually same day, and right on the spot (as much as possible.) We stand by our products, our service, and our customers! If a remote-connection into the laptop, to tinker with files, is what it takes, we are open to doing that. We want support to be EASY for you.

Keep in mind though, we’re not REAL mechanics here. Just enthusiastic about Volvos, and more so, of helping owners keep them on the road.

Sometimes your requests may be so specific to your model, goals, or tasks, and we won’t be sure. In that case, you may be referred to the forums and encouraged to ask your questions there.


  1. My Boot&Go also stopped working after three times of “successful” boots. Successful in my case means that native Windows on my laptop needed to be recovered each time I used Boot&Go.

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