What kind of warranty do I get?

  • Complete laptops = LIFETIME WARRANTY!
    • We stand by our laptop builds. They are used laptops, minor scratch and dent, built with solid new parts, and have been completely torn down and rebuilt. They will last you for years.
    • 1-year warranty on the main battery…. these things naturally die over time.

  • BOOT&GO SSD = 1 year

  • DICE units & other cables= 90 days
    • These cables are hard to warranty. They are clone units that are a fraction of the price of a new factory unit. I have a great source, but with that said, they are still electronic units made overseas and that means they can go bad. I try my absolute best to source good ones. And I pre-test every unit before it ships out.

I will work with my customers to help troubleshoot any piece of equipment sold. In the event that you need to send it back, return shipping is paid by the customer, while time/service/parts are free of charge.

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