Looking for Boot&Go instructions? Click HERE.

BOOT&GO (formerly a different name) = A great solution for those folks that already own a laptop!

Boot&Go is a Bootable USB SSD hard drive. It is a preconfigured, preloaded Windows installation with everything you need ready to rock and roll. Simply boot your laptop from the USB drive (instruction are provided) plug in your DiCE (or other supported cable) and get busy finding those faults!

On boot up some additional instructions are provided to get you going with your diagnostics as quickly and as effectively as possible.

As well as VIDA 2014D , VIDA 2015, VIDA2GO also contains Vdash , Delphi , Haynes Pro and Vol-FCR and the 2014 electronic Wiring Diagrams.

Boot&Go works on almost any Laptop and Mac (Macs from 2015 onwards). USB 3.0 is preferred but not required. Minimum 2GB of Ram is recommended, it can be used with any modern version of Windows . Windows 7 home, Pro, Windows 8, Windows 10 – whichever you have. (Will be bypassing the internal HDD, so it really doesn’t matter what’s on there.)

Boot&Go will boot to Vida ready to run in about 1minute 15seconds on a USB 3.0 port or about 1min 45s on a older USB 2.0 laptop. Infact on a 10 year old Core i3 Dell Latitude laptop with USB 2.0 ports the Boot&Go (Vida ready) boot time is 1min 45s, generally much faster than the laptop’s own hard drive.

Recently a few people have shown some confusion about Boot&Go, asking if it plugs in in-between the dice and the laptop. An understandable question…and its nearly right, but no. Boot&Go plugs into a USB port on the laptop and DiCE plugs into another USB port on the laptop.

Recommend minimum specifications for the Host computer

  • USB 2.0 (USB 3.0 preferred)
  • Core2Duo or better
  • 2GB ram (4GB Ram preferred)

Looking for Boot&Go instructions? Click HERE.