Sales & Pricing

All prices include shipping & insurance within the USA. Shipping to Canada is extra. International shipping also available.


BOOT&GO Unit = $110

Here for more info on BOOT&GO. This is great if you already own a laptop. Basically: You provide the hardware (the laptop), we provide the heart of the system (the external hard drive.)

DiCE (or other); 2 options:

OPTION 1 = $220, DiCE , classic Chinese clone unit. V0lv0 specific, connects OBD2 to USB. The classic DiCE unit, non-genuine, but an exact replica of factory spec. This unit will do everything a genuine DiCE can do with similar performance and abilities. This will work for tuning (you work with a tuner) as well as V1DA 2014D, V1DA 2015, & VDash. This is pre-tested and guaranteed to arrive working.

(Note: This source is the last great quality source left in China. All others have changed their manufacturing so much, due to chip shortages and costs, that they aren’t selling DICE units anymore. Most sellers on eBay, Amazon,, etc, are selling some mystery chipset in a DICE box that isn’t a dice unit. It’s a fake dice. And you won’t know what you’re getting until you’re disappointed. 100% satisfaction guaranteed with our DICE, warrantied for 90 days.)

OPTION 2 = $110, Mongoose JRL Pro cable. Works with V1DA 2014D and V1DA 2015, VDash. If you’re really just looking for basic diagnostics, and don’t foresee tuning your car, or even doing many software updates (though this will handle most everything there too), then the Mongoose cable is a cheap working alternative cable. This cable is not recommended if you plan on tuning (ie working with a Tuner to change the engine management software, usually to push more power.)

  • Prices above are if we are helping you with a VIDA solution. The discount for our customers is included there. Note: If purchasing a cable ALONE (without a V1DA laptop or BOOT&GO unit) price increases $25 per order.
  • Non-bluetooth, these are all hard-wired.
  • All cables sold are pre-tested on cars here, before being shipped to you.
  • Genuine DICE units can be acquired through your local dealer. Part #’s:
    • 9513000 DiCE Tool
    • 9513002 USB Cable for Car Communications
    • 9513005 Bluetooth Unit
    • 9513006 USB Cable (Bluetooth to V1DA Client)


  • Complete Laptops Available:
    • Best seller: Dell Latitude E7440, $275
      • Slim, sleek, even has HDMI out on it. USB 3.0 included.
      • Upgradeable now or later.
      • Comes with 4gb, but can handle up to 16gb
      • You can opt to add this later yourself very easily. YouTube Video. Just match the specs label on the existing ram.
      • Add ram w/ us: $25,8gb /$50,16gb
      • Can have a second hard drive, for storage for example, or if you wanted to dual boot our system you could. You’d have flexibility on that, now and later.
      • To add a 2nd hard drive (SSD) now: $50,128gb / $75,256gb / $100,512gb
    • OR…….
    • Panasonic Toughbook, $400 …. Note: Toughbook is limited availability and may require build-time.
      • All systems are at least 2.0ghz dual core processor, 4gb RAM, 128gb SSD
      • Here for more info about complete laptops.
      • Custom (badass) units available, contact us for more info.
      • FREE SHIPPING! Shipping within CONUS included in all prices posted.


  • VOE Ethernet/obd2 cable = $50
    • For 2016+ SPA cars to use with VDash.
  • Vagcom cable with FTDI chip = $30
    • For Vol-FCR 1.3 & 1.7, 1995-1998 models… software is already pre-installed on all of our systems.
  • Delphi DS150E cable = $120
    • General scanner for all makes & models, and 85% of euro models.
    • For Delphi 2016+ (software is already pre-installed on all of our systems.)
    • Limited stock on these.


  • PAYPAL, VENMO or mail personal check
  • Contact us to start an order and get details