Complete Laptops

Every laptop sold is LIFETIME WARRANTIED! Each one is completely torn down, cleaned out, CPU thermal paste replaced and motherboard CMOS battery replaced. Any missing parts or screws are replaced while at it.

A great deal of time is spent sourcing laptops that are the best condition and best spec for the price. This means that specifications will vary but usually for the better. The software environment does not change between models – just the performance/durability.

  • Basic Laptop (Dell Latitude D630 typically) will be at a minimum Core2Duo Processor with 4GB ram and 128GB SSD – available upon request
  • Advanced Laptop (Dell Latitude E7440 typically) will be at a minimum an i5 Processor with 4GB ram and 128GB SSD and expandability on the ram and the ability to add a 2nd hard drive. i7 available, ram upgrades available, and 2nd SSD available, all at upgrade costs. See the sales page for more details. THIS IS THE MOST SOLD OPTION.
  • Toughbooks are also usually available, with similar specs as the Basic laptop.
  • Custom laptops are also available, more on that upon customer request.
  • All packages have the following software environment: V1DA 2014D, V1DA 2015, VDash , Delphi , Haynes Pro, Vol-FCR, 2014 Electronic Wiring Diagrams, Office 2019 …. all on Windows 10, with all updates.

Looking for instructions for the complete laptop we sent? Click HERE