Where Has My Dice Gone Now?

It’s time to move Vida to running in Edge – Permanently

There is still a work around to make Vida launch in Internet explorer (see here), but really there is little point in it. That glitch will probably get “fixed” so, might as well make the EDGE experience as simple as possible.

One of the annoying things about Vida in Edge, is that every 30 days Edge forgets that it has to load Vida in IE mode and you have to remind it.

Until recently, IE TAB extension for Chrome or Edge was a great way to get Vida to work properly on modern browsers, but IE TAB is now $20, an alternative which seems to work fine and is free is “IEability – Open in IE”, but it isnt a slick as IEtab.

Luckily there is a little patch we can run to make EDGE keep Vida running in IE mode until the year 2099!

Below, we’ll do the following:

a) Load Vida in IE mode

b) Patch it so it never forgets.

Lets get started!

  1. Set Edge as your default browser (see here for help)
  2. Open Vida (Which should launch in Edge now)
  3. Go to settings (3 dots top right)
  4. Click “Reload page in Internet Explorer Mode”
  5. A box will pop up, click the button that says “Open this page in Internet Explorer mode next time” and click Done.
  6. Close Edge.
  7. Download the Edge 30 Day timeout patch from here.
  8. Find the download, RIGHT CLICK it and do “Extract All” and then choose extract.
  9. Click the IEModeExpiryFix-main folder to go into it and show the files.
  10. Double click to run either of the files (the one who’s icon looks like a sort of S is the best one), click Open then OK.
  11. Now if you go to Edge settings (the 3 dots in the top right corner again), then settings at the bottom, then default browser, you should find the expiry date is now 2099! Yay
Step 4 “Reload page in Internet Explorer Mode”

Step 5 “Open this page in Internet Explorer mode next time”

Step 10 – Run the bottom of these two files by double clicking

Step 11 – Confirm it worked.

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