Key Coding (P1,P2,P3 + SPA / CMA)

Including all keys lost situations. Thank you to Matt (our European partner) for this great write-up!  **** Different regions use different frequency Keys…EU keys will not work on Japanese imports for instance , Always check what frequency you require before purchase!!! ***** Note – Vdash currently cannot program P1 or P3 Keyless entry keys.  That… Continue reading Key Coding (P1,P2,P3 + SPA / CMA)

Where Has My Dice Gone Now?

It’s time to move Vida to running in Edge – Permanently There is still a work around to make Vida launch in Internet explorer (see here), but really there is little point in it. That glitch will probably get “fixed” so, might as well make the EDGE experience as simple as possible. Until recently, IE TAB… Continue reading Where Has My Dice Gone Now?

Boot&Go! Vs Thumb Drive

As always, another big thanks to our partner Matt from for writing this up for us! A few months ago a chap popped up in the Vida groups selling a USB thumb drive version of Boot&Go! Having been in I.T. all my life I thought, thats a bad idea…..but I also thought hey, you… Continue reading Boot&Go! Vs Thumb Drive

In Vida what is “Initial State” , “Unselected CSC” , “Delivery” ?

Initial State is a list of codes from the modules and they are stored in VIDA, if VIDA is not used correctly Initial State can be totally misleading. This is why in the forums you see people ask “what’s on the DELIVERY tab?” When you connect a car to VIDA and read the vehicle, if… Continue reading In Vida what is “Initial State” , “Unselected CSC” , “Delivery” ?

Running Vida 2014D / 2015A in EDGE bowser

If you have received the windows 10 update 21H1 that makes Internet Explorer unavailable and forces Edge browser on you or you have upgraded to W11 , there are 3 ways forward . Follow this guide to enable IE mode for Vida on Edge browser

VxDiag (VCXNANO) installation and use

VxDiag can be surprisingly difficult. Here is a quick guide to installation and use of it for Vida. Thanks to Matthew L, our colleague in UK/Europe, for writing this up for us.

Clearing VIN list in VIDA 2014D

Occasionally people ask how to clear the list of previous VINs in VIDA 2014D. its pretty easy but you do have to re-patch VIDA afterwards. Here is How… Thanks to Matthew L, our colleague in UK/Europe, for writing this up for us.