Running Vida 2014D / 2015A in EDGE bowser

If you have received the windows 10 update 21H1 that makes Internet Explorer unavailable and forces Edge browser on you or you have upgraded to W11 , there are 3 ways forward .

  1. Configure Edge to run Vida in IE mode (See below)
  2. Roll back the update and then block the update (see here)
  3. Use Chrome instead of IE (see here)

Follow this guide to enable IE mode for Vida on Edge browser

  1. Start Vida all in one, it will launch in Edge
  2. Copy the address at the top to the clipboard
  3. go to settings in Edge
  4. go to default browser
  5. Ensure that “Allow sites to be reloaded in Internet Explorer mode” is set to “allow”
  6. Click add and Paste in the address (http://localhost/Vida/) and click Add
  7. Click Restart
  8. Once restarted close the settings tab
  9. Now you are back at the Vida tab, log in and enjoy.

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