There’s two versions of V1DA? Which one do I use?

To be clear, there are two versions of V1DA.

V1DA 2014D, is the cracked version, all us DIY guys (and some shops) use… as you don’t need to pay anything to login, scan, look up info, adjust settings, run calibrations, etc (everything except software updates.) Works for 1999-2015.5 cars. This is usually what folks are after. Computer systems that run just V1DA stuff (plus a bunch of bonus stuff.) And what our laptops and SSD’s are built to run. This is a really finicky program. It’s difficult for a lot of folks to get setup correctly. Google “V1da install” and you’ll find page after page of issues. This is where we come in.

But…  You cannot program a key fob with this (for example.) That would need to be on a different V1da. Which is entirely different and a lot easier to install. But isn’t free to even login.

V1DA 2015 (online) is the current system used at the dealers. This is newer, backed by the dealer tech-support, and works for all 1999+. This is a free download on their website, but requires a $75 license (subscription) for 3-days of access. You can’t do anything with 2015 without paying. Once you pay, it lets you login, and do everything V1DA 2014D will. Except it will also allow you to purchase individual software packages (yes, additional purchases.) 

The same DICE unit works for both. You’d have both programs, but 99% of the time you’d use V1DA 2014D.

Note: “V1DA 2015A” …. is fake. If you ever hear about that, it’s just V1DA 2014D re-programmed to display 2015A instead of 2014D. You will not get any extra connectivity out of this.

Jan 2022 UPDATE: With the newest modification to V1DA 2014D, you can connect up to most 2018 model years. This mod has been performed before-hand on all of our systems. (See here for more info.)


  1. Which version is needed to deal with all the issues after changing a broken lock cylinder on a 2004 xc70- ie: immobilizer, new keys, etc.

    1. If it’s a setting you need to reset or calibrate… you’ll use Vida 2014D. If it’s software and you need reprogramming then you’ll likely use Vida 2015 for that. Check the FAQ’s for more info.

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