Are there updates to programs?

V1DA 2014D is the last stand-alone V1DA that was made. It will not be updated. (NOTE: Some re-sellers out there are claiming they have V1DA 2015A…. this is fake…. there is no 2015A. What they have done is hacked the program and made it display “2015A” instead of “2014D”. But there is not extra usability while comparing the two.

VDash (made by is actively used all over the world. It has updates regularly. When you start it up, if there’s an update it’ll let you know.

V1DA 2015 (online V1DA) is also regularly updated. This update can take some time to process. So if you start V1DA 2015 and it starts an update before it loads…. just let it do it’s thing for 15 minutes or so.

Vol-FCR, no updates to be expected.

Delphi 2016, might have an update, but I’m uncertain at this time.

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