In V1DA what is “Initial State” , “Unselected CSC” , “Delivery” and why should I care ?

Pic from a V1DA 2014D scan.

I was asked , “What is The difference between Initial State, Unselected CSC and Delivery when fault finding in V1DA?”


Initial State is a list of codes from the modules and they are stored in V1DA, if V1DA is not used correctly Initial State can be totally misleading. This is why most people ask “what’s on the DELIVERY tab?”

When you connect a car to V1DA and read the vehicle, if it’s the VERY FIRST time, it reads all the codes in all the modules and stores them in V1DA, this is Initial State.

You can then clear the codes on the delivery tab, but that does not update Initial State (IS).

After clearing codes you can update IS by going to Diagnostics, Details, then hit update. This then re-scans the car for active faults and updates Initial State.

You will also be prompted to do UPDATE when reconnecting to a car for a new session. This Will update IS.

An important thing about IS, is that it holds much more information about the fault code than Delivery Does. How many times it’s triggered and a bunch of parameters of data from when it was triggered.

Unselected CSC is a way of finding the faults by symptom “Customer Symptom Codes”. There is a dropdown box that everyone misses. It is very important.

Another important thing about Unselected CSC is that it easily allows you to get the fault trace for finding and fixing the cause of the error. Find the DTC in the drop down list then hit FAULT TRACE at the bottom.

Of course, you can also get to this information by searching the DTC with the Search function or looking it up in the list of DTC’s in Information, Fault Tracing, Diagnostic Trouble Codes and Associated Procedures. Some models also have a Generic ODBII code conversion table here.

Basically, if you just use Delivery, you are using V1DA as a code reader and not a diagnostics tool and ignoring all the work V0lv0 have done to help you Fault trace the issue.

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